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Pier Pleasure

Grandmother and Granddaughter enjoy the cool sand between there toes

The Santa Monica pier is a favorite spot of mine that I have spent much time on, in and underneath. Whether tourists or locals, people love it here. They come for the beaches and restaurants in the downtown area. Now, Angelenos can ride the train right here too! There are many, but these are a few of my favorite images there. When I happened across a grandmother and grandaughter Under the Boardwalk enjoying the cool sand between their toes, I hustled to get the angle before they noticed me. Below Da Bull parked - Its owner is perhaps grabbing a margarita or going for a quick dip in the waves. Another favorite was taken when a mother took a Smoke Break at Pacific Park while her kids played. There are many interesting scenes. The Zoltar machine always caught my eye and the old Hot Dog Stick seems to do fine. There is always something to shoot down at the Pier.

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