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The Blue Moon at Morro Bay

The Blue Moon rises over Morro Bay’s defunct power plant. Here lies a strange junction of industrialism and natural beauty. There are many elements referencing all that is California at Morro Rock located in the central California coastal town of Morro Bay. There are beach goers, truckers and trailer park residents, not to mention a power plant and a massive rock, an anomaly that pops twenty stories out of the water. If you are an appreciator of the surreal that place is for you.

A particularly interesting scene with the people on the beach. Many walks of life, a woman flying a kite, surfers surfing, a crew shooting a movie and a sunset all in one shot.

A trucker stops for dinner and a view.

A band of bluffs separate the road from the beach.

The old power plant looms over the beach.

The Blue Moon rises.

View of the glow of downtown from the wrong side of town.

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