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China: Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

A day's jaunt outside Beijing lies the little town of Huanghuacheng. It was the base camp for our pick of many tours to hike up and onto the must visit Great Wall of China. We had three days in Beijing and so had to steal time away from our city biking to go see this wonder. We arrived after a colorful and dangerous ride on freeways and then mountain roads. Once parked at the trail head, our guide casually pointed way up to the highest tower, far in the distance, and said firmly, "We are going there". After a quick prayer for no heart attack on the ascent, we set out. The beginning paths crossed over a bridge, through a restaurant patio, and then a private lot or two. An older man sat on a chair next to the trail with a bucket collecting coins from passersby. Once we got on, it was amazing. As we climbed higher, the scene got better with every step. The majesty and grand scale inspired us with more energy. Winding up through the ridges, the vantage points and good angles were plentiful. The Great Wall is photographed often and so it was a challenge to make fresh imagery. I gambled on the spot, time and light being right that afternoon. I was lucky that day, my "catch" was good.

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Children Fishing in Huanghuacheng

On the road to Huanghuacheng

From Ridge to Ridge, Huanghuacheng

Tower over the lake, Huanghuacheng

Village West of Huanghuacheng

Great Wall Framed in Doorway

Days end at Huanghuacheng

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